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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
posted by jason | 9:28 AM | permalink
Representative Hoekstra will endorse Romney today. From Hotline:

Hoekstra was chairman of the House Intelligence Cmte from '04 until two weeks ago. He is an independent -- though unabashedly conservative -- operator. A few weeks ago, he questioned Pres. Bush's selection of ret. Adm. Michael McConnell to be the Director of National Intelligence, wondering why the White House bypassed qualified civilian intelligence officials. In '05, amid a debate about pre-war intelligence, Hoekstra trumpeted a DIA report noting that hundreds of older (pre-1991) shells containing mustard gas and sarin were found throughout Iraq. Other intelligence officials, the DoD and the White House did not believe the report vindicated pre-war assessments about Iraq's attempts to procure chemical weapons. Hoekstra is a strong advocate for civilian oversight of the intelligence community and has been a vocal supporter of the president's formerly secret wire-tapping policies. He’s generally a hard-liner on Iran.

...In the months after 9/11, Romney, then the CEO of the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee, was regularly briefed by intelligence officials on threats to the Olympic games. As Governor, Romney headed an intelligence task force for the National Governors Association, and ex-Homeland Security Sec. Tom Ridge appointed him to a national homeland security advisory committee.

In recent months, Romney's self-directed study of foreign policy and national security has included briefings from current senior intelligence officials and former CIA directors like James Woosley.


It's official. Romney released the statement that Hoekstra is officially on board. Hoekstra join the campaing serving in two roles: Intelegence Advisor and Co-Chair of his Michigan Campaign with the focus on Western Michigan. This is interesting. Western Michigan is strongly conservative with many key Michigan Activist living in this part of the state.

Hoekstra had this to say concerning Romney:

"As a governor and as chief executive of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Governor Romney knows good intelligence is necessary for our security. Governor Romney will provide those on the frontlines of the war against radical militant Islam with the resources necessary to win. I know that the professionals who serve in the Intelligence Community will be well served under Governor Romney."

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