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Friday, January 19, 2007
posted by jason | 9:29 AM | permalink
Two articles came out today in the news that claim the political buzz is all for Romney right now. First from CBN's David Brody:

Take my word for it. Mitt Romney is the “buzz” candidate. I have talked to a handful of “in the know” staffers who are handling 2008 Presidential candidates and they all say the same thing: watch out for Mitt Romney, he’s a formidable opponent.

They point out how he’s at ease when he talks, gentle on the eyes, has a great staff working for him and is already seems very presidential in the way he acts and talks. And this talk is coming from rival campaigns!

That is an interesting assesment. This good news could be the death sentence for a lesser candidate since it gives Romney the edge with early fundraising and staff hiring, but can leave him the political punching bag. My bet is Romney has the intelligence and innovation to handle this in a far superior way compared to Dean.

US News and World Report has an interesting line of reasoning on the same reported Buzz:

And aides tell us not to underestimate the value of running a campaign in Boston, way out of the Washington media spotlight.

"The fact that joining this shop requires a move to Boston is actually an advantage," says an insider. "It requires a personal and professional investment that yields a valuable return for Governor Romney. There's a greater sense of teamwork and commitment because of it."

That is a factor in the equation I haven't thought of. But it does provide some food for thought.
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